Wheel Barrow Tyre 400 x 8 Inch 2 Ply Tyre WT32

Wheel Barrow Tyre 400 x 8 inch 2 ply tyre - Toller Trailers carry a wide range of tyres to suit all your needs

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Trailer 8 Inch 400 x 8 Road Tyre WT33

Trailer 8" 400x8 Tyre 4 Ply Road Tyre

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Puncture Proof Wheel Barrow or Trolley Tyre 400 x 8 WT34

Puncture Proof Wheel Barrow or Trolley Tyre  400 x 8 tyre punture proof no tube required once fitted you will have no more no more punctures

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Trailer Tyre 145/80/10 4 Ply WT36

Trailer tyre 145/80/10 Tyre 4 Ply 10 Inch

At Toller Trailers we stock a wide range and variety of trailer tyres

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10 Inch 8 Ply Trailer Tyre WT37

10" Inch 8 Ply 145 10 Trailer Tyre 8 Ply maximum load 500kg - we stock the largest range of trailer tyres in Dorset and the South West at Toller Trailers

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Trailer Low Rider Tyre 195/55/10 WT39

Trailer Low Rider Tyre 195/55/10 suitable for all makes of trailers including Ifor Williams, Brian james, Wessex plus many more - please call us for the best price in Dorset on trailer tyres

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Trailer Tyre 12 Inch 140/70/12 WT41

Trailer Tyre 12" Inch size 140/70/12 - see our full range of tyres for collection or delivery to your home by our low cost courier service

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12 Inch Trailer Tyre 155/70/12 WT42

12" Inch Trailer Tyre size 155/70/12 - see our full range of trailer tyres which we carry in stock

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12 Inch Trailer Tyre 185/60/12 WT43

12" Inch Trailer Tyre size 185/60/12 This Tyre is used on many Ifor Williams flatbed trailers before they introduced the 195/60/12

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12 Inch Trailer Tyre 195/60/12 WT44


12" Inch Trailer Tyre size 195/60/12

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Trailer Tyre 165/13/ 8 Ply WT47

Trailer Tyre 13" Inch size 165 13 8 Ply - we stock a huge range of tyres to suit all trailers

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Trailer Tyre 175/13/8 Ply WT48

Trailer Tyre size 175 13 8 Ply

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185/70/13 Savero Chunky Tread Commercial Trailer Tyre WT50

13 Inch savero chunky tread commercial trailer tyre

13" 185/70/13 Savero

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Flatbed Livestock Horse Trailer Tyres 195/50/13 WT51

Flatbed Livestock Horse Trailer Tyre size 195/50/13 - This 13" inch Tyre fits many trailers plus trailers in the Ifor Williams range

13" 195/50/13 used in many applications from flatbed trailers tippers and livestock

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Ifor Williams Livestock Trailer Tyres 175/75/16 WT55

Ifor Williams Livestock Trailer Tyre size 175/75/16 - new quality branded trailer tyres always in stock at Toller Trailers in Dorset. We carry a good stock of tyres in particular for the Ifor Williams Trailer Range and Brian James Trailers

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6.50 x 16 Tyre Standard Fitment Tyre Graham Edwards Livestock Trailer WT56

Standard Fitment Tyre for Graham Edwards Livestock Trailer

16" 6.50 x 16 10 ply

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Wheel Bolt Nut Stud Safety Indicators WT57

Wheel Bolt Stud Nut Indicators fitted to wheel bolts or nut to keep a visual eye on the tightness of them and indicates if they have moved or become loose - this is agreat product now widely used on trailers and HGV,s and buses

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Trailer 27mm Wheel Nut Stud Safety Indicator WT58

Trailer 27mm wheel nut bolt stud indicator keep a visual eye on the tightness of your wheel bolts

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Wheel Barrow 400 x 8 Plastic Wheel Centre 20mm Bearing WT59

Wheel Barrow Plastic Wheel Centre as in the listing picture but not including the tyre

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400 x 8 Tyre Inner Tube WT61

400 x 8 Tyre Inner Tube - we stock a wide range of replacement inner tubes for trailer tyres

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Tubeless Tyre Standard Replacement Valve WT62

Tubeless Tyre Standard Replacement valve for tubeless tyres

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Metal High Pressure Tyre Clamp in Valves WT63

Metal High Pressure clamp in valve for high pressure wheels and tyre like the 155/70/12 and 195/60/12

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Horse Trailer and Twin Axle Trailers Aid Puncture Jack HO77

Trailer Aid makes replacing a flat tyre simple and works perfectly with twin axle trailers. Simply slip your trailer aid in front of your good tyre and pull the trailer forwards upon lifting the flat tyre off the road to fit the spare.

This is a great item to have for your horse trailer or twin axle trailer and is an essential item for you to have with you on those trips out - if you have to call a garage out to change your punctured tyre this could cost you £££'s

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Fit2Go TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System) & 4 External Sensors wt115

Fantastic TPMS complete with 4 sensors and receiver great way of keeping an eye on your trailers tyres takes 2 minutes to fit

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