Brian James Race Transporter 6 Trailer

The Brian James race transporter 6 trailer Offering two width options, the widest being the same as an HGV transporter, the Race Transporter 6 is quite capable of transporting wide race and sports cars.  This is available from your authorised Brian James Agents Toller Trailers near Dorchester. Additional space is invaluable for creating a useful working environment for daily transport operations and creates a capable work facility for small teams at race meetings.  Along with a high standard specification, the range and scope of options for storage as well as operational features will appeal to anyone who has specific requirements, for example, the Race Transporter 6 is available with factory fitted radio controlled 4-wheel-drive, ideal for easy trailer manoeuvring.  This system will allow you to drive the trailer to the towing vehicle, or park it conveniently in a corner of a storage unit.  The Race Transporter 6 chassis design has wheels under the bed with a fully flat floor up to the sides.  To manage bed height and maintain a low centre of gravity the Race Transporter 6 has Tri-axle running gear with 10” wheels and low profile tyres, 6.5m bed length models feature a 13” low profile tyre for extra durability.  The Race Transporter 6 features a full LED trailer lighting system, this includes three LED interior strip lights providing excellent ambient light effect. Contact Toller Trailers in Dorset for further information on 01300 320476 or to download a current price list please follow the link

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