Brian James Hi-Max Car Transporter Trailer

The new Brian James Hi-Max car transporter trailer which is available from Toller Trailers Dorset offers a highly capable performance and excellent loading efficiency.  It is a commercial quality 3,500Kg gross chassis construction, with a low unladen weight of 720 Kg. The Hi-Max has a fully integrated mudguard / bed / chassis providing strength and durability.  It features a wide bed (1.96m) with enhanced protection against damage to alloy wheels on wide cars.  It has little difficulty accommodating modern sports cars as well as larger 4x4’s.  The purposeful lines are unmistakable as the trailer for the job.  Trailer lighting is well protected in fixed position housings - no moving light fittings, a compromise exhibited in lesser designs.  Available as hydraulic tilt-bed with ultra low angle, short ramps, or as a fixed-bed, easy pull out ramp operation.  To download a current price list please follow the link or call here at Toller Trailers on 01300 320476

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