Brian James Cargo Shifter

The Brian James CarGO Shifter comes in several different sizes, gross weights and with many other options, for a brochure on this range please contact Toller Trailers in Dorset

Low weight and low chassis height ensure that this brand new design of general purpose trailer possesses immediate advantages over other products.  Every detail of operation has been carefully considered and specifically enhanced.

The CarGO Shifter represents easy towing and safe loading.  An extra strength chassis design supports the tough phenolic deck along its entire length on the centre plane allowing heavy equipment to be transported without the deck bowing.  As safety is a crucial part of overall trailer design; heavy loads need plenty of strong, low tie-down points.  So an innovative solution was created.  It is multiple-hook compatible and incredibly simple, as well as being quiet and self-cleaning.

Please contact us here at Toller Trailers Dorset to discuss your requirements the are many extras that can be added to each trailer giving it more options to carry out a multitude of jobs

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Cargo Shiter

TRAILER                                                   BED SIZES                           GROSS                   UNLADEN                 AXLES

500-0000                                                 2.5m x 1.3m                         1300KG                    450KG                      1

500-0010                                                 2.5m x 1.6m                         1300KG                    470KG                      1

500-0100                                                 2.5m x 1.3m                         1500KG                    450KG                      1

500-0110                                                 2.5m x 1.6m                         1500KG                    470KG                      1

500-0200                                                 2.5m x 1.3m                         2600KG                    570KG                      2

500-0210                                                 2.5m x 1.6m                         2600KG                    570KG                      2

500-1200                                                 3.10m x 1.6m                       2600KG                    630KG                      2

500-1220                                                 3.10m x 1.85m                     2600KG                    650KG                      2

500-1400                                                 3.10m x 1.6m                       3000KG                    650KG                      2

500-2400                                                 3.70m x 1.85m                     3000KG                    650KG                      2

500-2600                                                 3.70m x 1.85m                     3500KG                    700KG                      2

500-3600                                                 4.00m x 1.85m                     3500KG                    800KG                      2