Brian James Cargo Plant Trailer

Successful plant and machinery transportation is all about having the right trailer for the job and here at Toller Trailers in Dorset we can help you in making the right choice.  When there are a variety of machines or applications to cater for , the brand new Brian James CarGO All Plant  range is the right solution.  The robust and durable design is obvious at first sight and once in use, so is the depth of expertise in the chassis setup and design detail.  Everyday functionality has been included as standard, along with a range of useful optional equipment, such as mesh side extensions or a ladder rack bucket rest and three different style of loading ramps.Each CarGO All Plant is equipped with a spare wheel and  Multiple tie-down options are also standard, including internal and external eyes.  A coupling hitch lock (integral) ensures security is well catered for.

Please contact Toller Trailers and discuss your requirements with us and let provide you with a competitive quote

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TRAILER                                          BED SIZE                                  GROSS                    UNLADEN               AXLES

540-0010                                     2.65m x 1.30m                              1500KG                      475KG                     1

540-0020                                     2.65m x 1.60m                              1500KG                      497KG                     1

540-0110                                     2.65m x 1.30m                              2700KG                      570KG                     2

540-0120                                     2.65m x 1.60m                              2700KG                      600KG                     2

540-1110                                     3.10m x 1.30m                              2700KG                      600KG                     2

540-1120                                     3.10m x 1.60m                              2700KG                      630KG                     2

540-1130                                     3.10m x 1.85m                              2700KG                      678KG                     2

540-1310                                     3.10m x 1.60m                              3500KG                      711KG                     2

540-1320                                     3.10m x 1.85m                              3500KG                      760KG                     2

540-2110                                     3.70m x 1.60m                              2700KG                      667KG                     2

540-2120                                     3.70m x 1.85m                              2700KG                      708KG                     2

540-2330                                     3.70m x 1.60m                              3500KG                      771KG                     3

540-2310                                     3.70m x 1.60m                              3500KG                      749KG                     2

540-2320                                     3.70m x 1.85m                              3500KG                      790KG                     2

540-2340                                     3.70m x 1.85m                              3500KG                      811KG                     3