Brian James Cargo Connect Trailer

The all new CarGO CONNECT range available from Toller Trailers Dorset is a new definition to the trailer world starting out with a  basic flatbed trailer of the size you reqiure you can then up the spec at anytime adding the tiltbed facility or full width loading ramp or just ramps you choose from the many options available.

The trailer has many availible extras from normal hieght sides to double height side and meshside ext manual and electric winch options

All the cargo connects are 3500KG gross with tri axle and different tyre options

Please contact Toller Trailers in Dorset your Brian James Distributor for further information

Not Available Online


TRAILER                                 BED SIZE                            AXLES                                TYRE SIZE                         BED LOAD HEIGHT

475-3442                             4.00m x 2.13m                            2                                    195/60/12                                    0.39m

475-4442                             4.50m x 2.13m                            2                                    195/60/12                                    0.39m

475-4452                             4.50m x 2.13m                            3                                    195/55/10                                    0.39m

475-5442                             5.00m x 2.13m                            2                                    195/60/12                                    0.39m

475-5443                             5.00m x 2.28m                            2                                    195/60/12                                    0.39m

475-5452                             5.00m x 2.13m                            3                                    195/55/10                                    0.39m

475-5453                             5.00m x 2.28m                            3                                    195/55/10                                    0.39m

475.5462                             5.00m x 2.13m                            3                                    195/60/12                                    0.39m

475-5463                             5.00m x 2.28m                            3                                    195/60/12                                    0.39m

475-6442                             5.50m x 2.13m                            2                                    195/60/12                                    0.39m

475-6443                             5.50m x 2.28m                            2                                    195/60/12                                    0.39m

475-6452                             5.50m x 2.13m                            3                                    195/55/10                                    0.39m

475-6453                             5.50m x 2.28m                            3                                    195/55/10                                    0.39m

475-6462                             5.50m x 2.13m                            3                                    195/60/12                                    0.39m

475-6463                             5.50m x 2.28m                            3                                    195/60/12                                    0.39m