Brian James C2 and C4 Car Transporter Trailers

The Brian James C2 and C4 car transporter range available from Toller Trailers in Dorset represents the ultimate evolution in trailer design with a strong durable galvanised chassis, low bed height and 2600KG  gross capacity.

The transporters are availible with load bed lengths from 2.70m to 5.00m in single or twin axle variants.

The new car transporters are all fitted with the centre deck as standard making it safer for loading and unloading you can have a bed locker to store straps ect as an option.

There are many options availible to customise your trailer the way you need it.


For a free colour brochure please contact us here at Toller Trailers on 01300 320476

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TRAILER              BED SIZE              GROSS                  UNLADEN                      AXLES                          TYRE SIZE

126-1010          2.70m x 1.80m           1300KG                 435KG                               1                               155/70/12

126-1011          2.70m x 1.80m           1500KG                 440KG                               1                               155/70/12

126-1110          3.20m x 1.80m           1300KG                 485KG                               1                               155/70/12

126-1111          3.20m x 1.80m           1500KG                 490KG                               1                               155/70/12