Brian James all plant tiltbed

The Cargo ALL Plant Tiltbed extends the capabilities of the ALL PLANT range offering the same carefully designed commercial trailers to operators of low heavy and difficult plant equipment.

Adjustable punched ramps are standard on the all plant tiltbed each ramp can be positioned independently across the full width of the trailer in seconds its is also availible with the Brian James (Knife endge) rear loading ramp with a gas spring assistor.


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TRAILER                                   BED SIZES                                           GROSS                      UNLADEN                 AXLES

541-1110                                3.10m x 1.30m                                      2700KG                         600KG                       2

541-1120                                3.10m x 1.60m                                      2700KG                         630KG                       2

541-1130                                3.10m x 1.85m                                      2700KG                         678KG                       2

541-1310                                3.10m x 1.60m                                      3500KG                         711KG                       2

541-1320                                3.10m x 1.85m                                      3500KG                         760KG                       2

541-2110                                3.70m x 1.60m                                      2700KG                         667KG                       2

541-2120                                3.70m x 1.85m                                      2700KG                         708KG                       2

541-2310                                3.70m x 1.60m                                      3500KG                         749KG                       2

541-2320                                3.70m x 1.85m                                      3500KG                         790KG                       2